Standarisierung und Implementierung der Anlagegrenzprüfung in Bloomberg AIM

Wir unterstützen derzeit einen globalen Asset Manager bei der Standardisierung und Implementierung der Anlagegrenzprüfung in Bloomberg AIM more

Management and automated implementation of contractual fund specifications

With the introduction of the Averroes FundDesigner® LBBW Asset Management Investmentgesellschaft mbH has set a milestone in the management of investment / risk management guidelines and performance measurement specifications. more

90% automation? Yes indeed!

The rate of investment guidelines being transferred automatically from FundDesigner® into the investment compliance monitoring system now hit 90% - our reference client reported. Congratulations! more

Thank you! Yet another asset manager opts for FundDesigner®

A german full service fund manager organises investment guideline management with FundDesigner®, incl. guideline feed into his investment compliance monitoring engine. more

Migrating Investment Compliance to Aladdin®

We support a global Asset Manager migrating the Investment Compliance to Blackrock Aladdin®. Starting today. more