The FundDesigner software is designed to manage important aspects of fund contracts. It provides tamper-proof work flows for asset management companies and an enhanced service, which in turn increases the company’s reputation among clients.

Creating a contract with many stakeholders is a long process

The necessary communication is done via meetings and supported by emails, Word and Excel documents. The integration into the operative systems commences once the contract is signed. There is always some room for interpretation at this stage.

Our Solution

The FundDesigner designs and maintains important contractual aspects, in particular investment guidelines and investment process requirements. It works with an inherent business logic and “guides” the entries. It also contains templates for specific client and investment agreement groups, e.g. for insurance companies.

Transparency and Reliability Throughout the Process

The responsible parties share the contracts and thus initiate their transfer into the productive systems. Adherence to existing company standards is guaranteed at all times. Clients thus receive only aspects of the fund that have been established via the new product process (NPP). The current contract version can be accessed online at any time, e.g. when needed in client meetings.

Averroes’ FundDesigner: Tamper-proof processes during commencement and maintenance of the agreement, increased service offerings and reputation with investors.