Introducing Pre-trade Investment Guideline Monitoring to Bloomberg AIM

Allianz Global Investors transferred its pre-trade monitoring of several hundred funds to Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM) in co-operation with Averroes Concept Lounge GmbH (ACL). This transfer was conducted parallel to the daily operations.

Post-trade monitoring was adjusted according to plan. The professional organisation of the project by Allianz Global Investors laid the perfect foundation for ACL to apply its specialised expertise in investment and risk control to the project.

Franz X. Rockermeier, IT International Projects at Allianz Global Investors: “The seamless integration of pre-trade monitoring into the order work flow constitutes a significant added value to the portfolio management in flexible real-time monitoring of all activities. The comprehensive coverage of pre-trade monitoring significantly reduces the ex-post monitoring costs. Accessing the Bloomberg data universe allows for high-performing controls with comparatively low integration costs.”

The analysis and implementation of pre-trade specifics and current regulatory developments (InvMaRisk, BVI, CESR) complemented the technical specifications. The necessary system functionalities were created in co-operation with the systems manufacturer.