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Transformation of AM processes to Blackrock Aladdin

Jun 7, 2017 — We now support a global asset manager in transforming its AM processes and implementing several thousand funds and mandates into Blackrock Aladdin®. … mehr

Standardization and Implementation of Investment Compliance in Bloomberg AIM

Jan 10, 2017 — We currently advise a global asset manager to standardization and implementation of the investment compliance in Bloomberg AIM. … mehr

Training: Investment controlling according to KAGB

Jun 1, 2016 — On June 14, 2016, we train asset managers, fund administrators and depositaries/custodians in the open training course "Investment Controlling according to KAGB" … mehr

Management and automated implementation of contractual fund specifications

Jan 21, 2016 — With the introduction of the Averroes FundDesigner® LBBW Asset Management Investmentgesellschaft mbH has set a milestone in the management of investment / risk management guidelines and performance measurement… mehr

Implementierung österreichischer Regulierungen in der Anlagegrenzprüfung

Oct 30, 2015 — Für einen internationalen Full Service Asset Manager implementieren wir derzeit österreichische Regulierungen in MIG21: InvFG, WPV, AIFMG, DRMV, KAVO, VAG, PKG, GMF-V. … mehr

Migration of Ex-ante Compliance Monitoring to Charles River IMS

Aug 9, 2013 — While replacing the front office system of a German asset management company we migrated the ex-ante compliance monitoring from the existing system to Charles River IMS. … mehr

Implementing Pre-trade and Ex-post Investment Guideline Monitoring to Charles River

Jul 17, 2013 — Averroes Concept Lounge GmbH implemented pre-trade and ex-post investment guideline monitoring for approx. 1500 funds and agreements of an international asset manager to Charles River. … mehr

How to Recognise and Treat Active Non-Compliance with Investment Guidelines in Funds - for Custodian Banks?

Jul 4, 2013 — Custodian banks are controlling the lawful fund administration and are, pursuant to the custodian bank circular, also facing the daily task of differentiating between active and passive… mehr

Realignment of Pre-trade and Ex-post Investment Guideline Monitoring

Jun 23, 2013 — For an asset management company, Averroes Concept Lounge GmbH researched a possible realignment of pre-trade and ex-post investment guideline monitoring. … mehr

KAGB / AnlV Requirements for Custodians: Design, Implementation, Monitoring

Apr 25, 2013 — Averroes Concept advises a German custodian bank on the implementation of KAGB / AnlV requirements. … mehr

Investment Compliance Health Check

Mar 18, 2013 — Asset managers, asset management companies and custodian banks regularly discover that their tools include no longer current or relevant legacy data, logics, functions and rules from older requirements. … mehr

Expertise: Regulations, Contracts and Monitoring Tools

Jan 19, 2013 — Last year, like in previous years, we used various monitoring tools (Charles River IMS, MIG21, Bloomberg AIM, SimCorp Dimension, Profidata Xentis, SunGard Asset Arena) to implement insurance and pension fund requirements in addition to our core… mehr

BVI Standard: Monitored Elements of Fund Contracts

Nov 6, 2012 — Our FundDesigner software manages and distributes elements of fund contracts and relevant master data. Our client services include the processing of the BVI (Federal Association Investment and Asset Management e.V.) standard for monitored elements.… mehr

Sections 21, 25/25a, 28c, GroMiKV, VAG, InvVerOV, InvMaRisk

Sep 14, 2012 — We implement and incorporate the DerivateV (German Derivates Regulation) notification pursuant to Section 28c, notification of voting rights pursuant to Sections 21, 25 and in particular 25a. In addition, we have realised : GroMiKV,… mehr

Preparing an Investment Control Audit

Jul 18, 2012 — Averroes Concept Lounge implemented the requirements and systems pursuant to SAS 70 in preparation of the investment control audit for an international asset management company. … mehr


Jun 1, 2011 — The FundDesigner software is designed to manage important aspects of fund contracts. It provides tamper-proof work flows for asset management companies and an enhanced service, which in turn increases the company's reputation among clients. … mehr

Re-organising the Set of Rules for Investment Guideline Monitoring

Sep 29, 2010 — Through the continuous use of generic rules, Averroes Concept Lounge was able to reduce the number of contractual rules in the compliance system of a Master KAG from approx. 8500 to approx. 400. … mehr

Implementing Standards for Contractual Fund Investment Guidelines

Mar 3, 2009 — Averroes Concept Lounge prepared technical standards for contractual investment guidelines for a Master KAG client which were implemented during the initial set-up of the agreement and the investment control. As a result, we had… mehr